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A work in progress... Trade the Forex NOW!


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Debt Management Service: The Client’s Responsibilities

As debt problems are prevalent in many countries around the world, the online agencies, who offer various debt management services like debt counselling and debt consolidation, are widely becoming popular. Many people nowadays suffer from debt related problems due to inordinate expenditure, poor budget planning,…


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Were you -66 Pips last week?


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Should you trade with the big players?

All people in Forex industry dream to become a big player in Forex industry. This dream is very easy to make it come true but you need very hard work for that. Not everybody is ready for that. This article will tell you if you should t5rade with the big players or not as a lot of people are interested to begin their career with the big players. We know that you can learn a lot of things if you start trading with the legends of Forex and investment industry. The problem is, you do not have…


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Were you +100 P.I.P.S Last Week?


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The TIME is "NOW" to "STAND" for your Forex Trading !


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Conséquence du trading sans plan solide

Il y a un long débat entre les traders de la communauté de Forex. Un groupe de traders soutient que les traders n'ont pas besoin de développer un plan dans leForex. Ils n'ont pas besoin de penser à un poste d'entrée et de mettre leur stop-loss sur un marché. Ce marché n'est pas ministériel. S'ils font leur analyse sur le marché et utilisent leur stratégie, ils peuvent gagner de l'argent sans avoir un plan. La planification en Forex n'est nécessaire que lorsque vous investissez ou commercez…


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How to learn about the reliable Japanese candlestick pattern

The online trading world is a vast market and more than 4 trillion U.S dollar is traded all over the world. This is not like the stock market where the price of a certain asset can easily be manipulated. Even the mighty president or FED chairperson can’t manipulate the price. Since this market, decentralized everyone in this world can become an active participant and make a decent profit to change their life. But in order to become a successful trader, you must have some solid trading…


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Importance de la sortie parfaite d'un trade en cours d'exécution

Savez-vous combien de traders essayent de faire un profit tous les jours? Ils sont très nombreux. Chaque jour, des milliards de dollars sont échangés sur ce marché de change, également connu sous le nom de marché Forex. Les commerçants sont en lutte mortelle avec le marché pour tirer profit et sortir du marché avec ce profit. Pas beaucoup de traders sont chanceux. Ce n'est pas à cause de leur impatience, mais la plupart du temps, c'est le résultat de leur avidité sur le marché. Si vous…


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Are you averaging +50pips/Day?


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Would you rather trade STOCKS or FOREX?


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Changez votre état d’esprit pour transformer votre carrière de trading

Les traders au Forex sont toujours pressés de gagner de l'argent. Ce n'est pas un marché où vous pouvez faire fortune en commerçant une nuit. Le trading et l'argent en Forex ont besoin des traders pour avoir des années d'expérience dans le secteur du Forex. Bien qu'il soit très facile de spéculer sur le marché, il est très difficile de rendre votre trade rentable. Cela se produit principalement en raison de l'état d'esprit des traders dans Forex. Ils ne voient pas ce marché comme un lieu…


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Lets make TIME to Trade the forex "AGAIN"


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I Migliori Modi per Selezionare la Giusta Piattaforma di Trading

Una piattaforma di trading è un portale web che vi permette di comprare e vendere beni sul mercato finanziario in qualsiasi momento. Ci sono varie piattaforme di trading in offerta. E’ vitale che scegliate la giusta piattaforma, perché ogni piattaforma ha i suoi pro e i suoi contro.

          •        Controlla la compagnia di broker della quale utilizzerai la piattaforma. La regolarità delle transazioni…


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5 Ways that SEO Can Get an Ailing Company Back on Its Feet

The landscape of the digital world has experienced changes and shifts dramatically over the past few years. In the age of cut throat marketing techniques, SEO or Search Engine Optimization has emerged as one of the most important and effective marketing strategies in use today. Companies which offer SEO services, usually have the skill and qualification required to undertake such activities. A good SEO company will produce many benefits for an organization which ultimately will result in the…


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Importance of having a predetermined stop in trading

Most professional traders like to enter the market when the trend looks profitable to them. It is a good sign that they are entering the market when there is money, otherwise, they would have lost their money in the dry market. Almost all of the traders do not understand the importance of setting a predetermined stop-loss when you have entered the market. They simply place their trades on market and do not set any stop-loss. It is a very bad thing to do in your strategy. All of your…


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End of July Promo - Lets GET Ready for August!


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Leverage can turn down your profit

Leverage is the advantage that allows the traders in the market to place big trades with their small accounts. Many people thanks Forex for giving them the opportunity of using leverage, but you need to know, there is nothing offered to the traders which are not profitable to the broker. This market is economical and money is the only relation between you and your broker. If you lost your money the broker will not know you and when you invest a lot of money, the broker will shower you with…


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Amazing facts about price action trading strategy

Price action trading strategy is based on the formation of the candlestick pattern. The expert traders use the different forms of the Japanese candlestick to execute high-quality trades at the key support and resistance level. Being a professional price action trader you can easily make a huge amount of money. But in order to do so, you need to develop your trading knowledge extensively. If you have a weak foundation in this market then you will never be able to make money by using price…


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Are you Ready for July's FX Alerts/Signals?


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